Honorable Youngblood Announces Re-run as Mighty-Force at the District 5th Sitting Annual Reporting

lec-inspection-3-copyMONROVIA—DISTRICT 9: Liberia most eloquent female representative in the 53rd National Legislature, in continuous compliance with the values of modern democracy; meaning being accountable to people who employed you as their direct representative has presented her 5th sitting annual report to the peace loving and resilient people of electoral district 9, Montserrado County. The youngest Liberian lawmaker’s report delineate community initiatives, capitol building activities, micro-finance to single mothers and young girls, national and international representations, human resource development and leadership recognitions from various organizations.

Activities at the Legislature (Lower House)

Hon Youngblood during the period under review was appointed as Co-Chair on Executive making her the 4th person in Leadership at the Honorable House of Representatives and member on Rules Order & Administration, Foreign Affairs, and Youth & Sports amongst others. She represented Liberia as member on Youth & Sports at the Symposium on Demographic Dividend in Guinea & Senegal (UNFPA), MRU post Ebola recovery meeting for youth’s development in the Gambia (UNDP). There were 102 sessions held under the period in review by the lower house. The District Talk and Do representative was present in 81 sessions and absent for 21 sessions while on official duties.


The Honorable introduced two bills: 1. The Independent Law Enforcement Complaints Oversight Authority Act of 2013 and the National Water Supply and Sanitation Commission Acts of 2012—this Act of 2012 has been passed. The Honorable Lawmaker supported more than 15 bills that were passed. She also never supported other bills.

Motions in Session

Keys among the numerous motions which proffered by the Intellectual Iron Rock and subsequently received majority endorsements are: Motion to pass into law the Act to amend chapter 16 of Title 26 of the penal law of Liberia, motion to establish the National Disaster Management Agency etc.

Honors and Appreciations

The District 9, darling girl and illustrious lawmaker was meritocratically recognized at both national and International echelon of excellence performance. Valued amongst some of the awards received are: the Most Eloquent Legislator-2016, Free Knowledge, International African Women Recognition Award-2016 from a London based organization “Women4Africa”, Golden Medal of proud contributor to the Apostolic Foundation High School, Female Developmental Lawmaker of the year 2016, Jordan P Center etc.


Honorable Youngblood wrote over 15 letters bringing attention of the House’s plenary on issues effecting ordinary Liberians, Liberia and private and public employees as well as communities. The summary intents of the letters are: increase in ECOWAS passport price, graduation fees, Police & DEA proper payment schemes, pollution of LWSC water line by Zoo Lion a sanitation company etc.

Extra District Activities

Summarizing madam Youngblood’s district activities, she visited Schools, Mosques, Churches and communities either to sympathize and or celebrates with her people. She supported MONSU on the Inter-Schools musical, quizzing, kickball, soccer and basketball competitions. The totals of 29 meetings were held in the district and climaxing the year, she celebrated the Xmas with the kids and old folks of the constituency.  In her pivotal advocacy quest, LEC is now available in Matadi, Part of Fiamah and Lakpazee respectively.

Personal Projects

She constructed the Gbangay Town Hand Pump, New Matadi Left Wing Road rehabilitation, Wisdom community LWSC pump reconnection, reconstruction of Fish-Market structure, Renovation of Lakpazee Community church hand pump and the ongoing construction of LWSC pumps in the Plank field and Lakpazee Vai Town communities respectively.


The Honorable Lawmaker attributed her success in the district to the endless cooperation from the various 21 communities’ leadership. She also emphatically stated that the construction of the footpath bridge linking Matadi to 12th Street is a tax payers’ money under the legislative project, but under her watchful supervision. Madam Youngblood announced that she will contest as a mighty force in the 2017 elections for district 9, Montserrado County.

If you need copy of the Comprehensive report please info the District Press Team: Email: future.child@hotmail.com or visit www.districtninem.wordpress.com





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