The Majority Members of the 53rd House of Representatives’ Full Resolution

Date August 9, 2016

Tyler 2When, in the course of human events, a nation stands at crossroads in political and democratic governance as enshrined in our constitution as a free people, it becomes incumbent on the people’s representatives to choose country over comrades, patriotism over patronage, and the rule of law over the rule of men, and join together to serve the sacred institutions which are the basic building blocks of our democracy, continued peace and long hope for prosperity.

It is within this most noble confines, that we the Majority Members of the Honorable House of Representatives of the 53rd Legislature in furtherance of our mandate and obligation to the Liberian People as contained in Chapter 5 of the Constitution of Liberia, to maintain the integrity and proper functioning of this august body, do hereby announce, petition and declare to the Liberian people the following:

That Hon. J. Alex Tyler has lost the legitimacy and popular consent to preside over the House of representatives having being indicted and charged by the State with one or more criminal offenses arising out of his use and manipulation of his gavel for his personal and pecuniary aggrandizement and further engaging in acts to divide the Honorable House of representatives to shield himself from legal process;

  1. That the criminal indictment hovering over the Speaker, has brought the entire House of Representatives to public disrepute and undermines the office of the Speaker as the presiding officer and the 3rd person in succession to the presidency of our country;
  1. That in his attempt to thwart justice, the Speaker embarked on series of actions with the intent to divide this august body forcing submission of its members to bend to his personal will and interest in a form and fashion no institution should yield to, and which undermines the unity and legislative cohesiveness necessary to carry on the people’s business paramount among which is the socio-economic wellbeing of the Liberian people;
  2. That the Speaker, consistent with his politics of divide and rule has engaged in machinations which has brought the business of the House to a standstill in a desperate attempt to hold on to the gavel and which has resulted into at least one rebuke of unlawful attempt to conduct business without quorum from the Honorable Supreme Court and threatens to bring further legal action as he has continued to conduct business and issue edicts with less than the constitutional prescribed simple majority;
  3. That the speaker blatant refusal to listen to the concerns of his colleagues who are interested in maintaining the cohesiveness of this Honorable house of Representatives speaks to his intolerance and undemocratic tendencies;
  4. That the Speaker has denigrated his colleagues who have expressed disagreement with his dictatorial leadership and refers to elected representatives of the Liberian people as surrogates, forgetting that he is just primus inter pares (first amongst equals) by the free election of peers;
  5. That the Speaker and the Chairman of his political party, who is also Chairman of the Ways, Means, Finance Planning and Development Committee, have engaged in the action of budget manipulation and have made financial promises in an attempt to coerce and pressurize key actors to remain loyal to him;
  6. That the speaker has been criminally indicted of a crime, we the members of the House should not have to bear the burden of these allegations. Let the Speaker exonerate himself of these criminal charges using our court system and not hide under the authority of the Speaker’s gavel;

And in so declaring, we, the Majority Members of the Honorable House of Representatives of the 53rd Legislature having taken a solemn oath of office to protect and uphold the Constitution and all other laws of the Republic of Liberia, call upon Hon. J. Alex Tyler to immediately recuse himself as presiding officer.

We also call on all those doing business and other activities with him to immediately halt and refrain from future transactions with him in the name of the Honorable House of Representatives.

We therefore call on the Liberian people to exercise understanding as this action is intended to enhance the work of the Honorable House of Representatives consistent with our Constitution and principles of good governance.

We thank you! (Kindly Find Attached the Listing of Members)

Hon. Munah E. Pelham-Youngblood
Representative District # 9 Montserrado County
Secretary General (Majority Members)

Hon. Numene T.H. Bartekwa
Representative District # 2 Grand Kru County
Chairman (Majority Members)

Names of Members of the Honorable House of Representatives who have signed the resolution to have Speaker J. Alex Tyler recused from presiding

  1. Numene T. H. Barketekwa (Chairman)
  2. Emmanuel Nuquay
  3. Munah E. Pelham-Youngblood
  4. Samuel G. Kogar
  5. Thomas P. Fallah
  6. Acarous M. Gray
  7. Edwin M. Snowe
  8. Julius Berrian
  9. Morais T. Waylee
  10. Samuel G. Woleh
  11. Richmond S. Anderson
  12. Corpu G. Barclay
  13. Adolph A. Lawrence
  14. Christian Chea
  15. Johnson Chea
  16. Saah Joesph
  17. Roland O. Cooper
  18. Worlea S. Dunah
  19. Henry B. Fahnbulleh
  20. Edward S. Forh
  21. Josephine George Francis
  22. Stephen S. Kafi, Jr.
  23. Jefferson S. Kanmoh
  24. Edward W. Karfia
  25. Mary M. Karwor
  26. Jeremiah Koung
  27. Eugene F. Kparkar
  28. Gertrude T. Lamin
  29. Jeremiah W. McCauley
  30. Prince K. Moye
  31. George S. Mulbah
  32. Tokpah J. Mulbah
  33. Robertson N. Siaway, Sr.
  34. Gabriel B. Smith
  35. Richard M. Tingbah
  36. Ricks Y. Toweh
  37. Bill Twehway
  38. Ballah G. Zayzay
  39. Byron Brown



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