The Rainbow Coalition for Munah Re-Election Backs Munah E. Pelham-Youngblood Decision seeking Speaker Tyler Recusal

Munah 2August 10, 2016: The attention of the Rainbow Coalition for Munah Re-Election comprising of people from different political parties who believe in the performance of the District 9 lawmaker has been drawn to a one day old group calling itself “Movement Against the Re-Election of Munah Youngblood” on ground that she’s pushing the upholding of moral & ethical values at the lower House—by calling on Speaker Tyler for recusal until he vindicates himself from the criminal charge(s) levied against him.

The Rainbow Coalition thinks that the position of Hon Youngblood at the 53rd National Legislature in requesting Tyler’s recusal has no negative bearing on the indelible initiatives that have been undertaken by her in the district. The issues of the construction of markets in Matadi, 12th Street, and the People’s United Community—the connection of LWSC in Matadi, Fiamah, Lakpazee, the construction and reconditioning of modern flush latrines in the Duduville-Fiamah, Wisdom community, Wroto Town and 13th Street respectively. The awarding of Micro-loan to small businesses, scholarship and financial aid to students among other things; her accessibility and astute performance representation in session speak volume of her effectiveness as a lawmaker.

The Rainbow Coalition refers the One Day Old Group to Rule 12 of the House’s Rules, which among other things say: “A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the members of the Honorable House of Representatives. Quorum shall be necessary for the transaction of business…”. This is clear that no official business has been going on at the Lower House because there has been no quorum as called for. With that, anything done contrary will be reverted to status quo ante.

Finally, the Rainbow Coalition considers the action of the Majority lawmakers as being in protection of the Code of Conduct Section: 1.3.11 Ethics: “means moral principles, dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the rights and wrongs of the motives and ends of such actions….”


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